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Alaska big game guided hunting in Northwest Arctic, Alaska & Kodiak, Alaska

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List of What to Bring on the Hunt of a lifetime
Personal Medications: Be sure to bring enough personal medications for your stay plus extra in case of travel delays
  • medium weight jacket, 3/4 length raincoat with hood
  • 3 medium weight shirts
  • 2 pants, 2 long johns
  • wool socks
  • cap with ear flaps
  • gloves
  • Small day pack
    For camera lunch etc.
  • hip boots & calf length rubber boots
    2 pairs felt insoles
    Count on doing all your walking in hip or calf length rubber boots depending on where we go and water levels. DO NOT bring leather boots!
  • Camera, binoculars
  • sleeping bag, lightweight down, etc
  • flashlight & batteries
  • lightweight slippers for cabin & flip-flops for sauna
  • Rifle and Ammunition: We recommend .270 as a minimum; 30 caliber preferred. We've had overall best results in the Arctic with .300 Win. Mag. Bring a firearm you feel comfortable & confident shooting. Bring 40 rounds of ammo same load.. Most shooting is done at 100 yards or less, but be prepared to shoot at distances up to 300 yds. I sight my .300 +3.3 in. @ 100 yds
  • Overall Gear Limit
    Please try to limit gear to as close to 50 lbs. as possible. Rigid guncases are left in Kotzebue - bring a light cloth case if you wish. I recommend CAMOUFLAGE, GREEN OR BROWN JACKET & CAP for all hunts. Buy your gear before you get to Kotzebue & bring enough batteries for your equipment & two rolls of "Gorilla®" tape. I suggest an ice cooler to transport your capes, meat, etc
  • Alcohol
    Arctic guests should bring their own alcoholic beverages, as none can be handily purchased in Kotzebue!
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